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I'm a woman of many words but lets keep this short and stick to the important stuff!

Wigs, Wigs and more Wigs!

My name is Shyanne O'Shea, and why do I know so much about wigs? Well I'm not only a working Drag queen and cabaret performer, but I also trained and worked as a hairdresser with a career spanning over 20 years (not saying the exact number as a lady needs gives away her true age, so don't be asking!).  I know what people want when it comes to high quality wig creation and service, speed and high quality.  I don't waste time! As a professional I will ensure that any of my services I provide from wig care and maintenance, to pre-styled wigs I know exactly how to deliver the best service for you. With that promise, if I'm unable to do something for you, I will always be honest and not only tell you straight, but will help offer alternatives.

Custom orders

When it comes to custom orders, you will receive up to date videos and pictures and I will always keep you in the loop with constant communications with updates and any alterations I think that will make your chosen style stand out!  A final video and picture will be sent prior to the wig being sent to make sure you're happy with everything, and any changes you wish to make can be made by request before sending to you.

Restyle orders

When I first receive your wig for restyle i will be 100% honest about what can and can't be done. As a professional with many years experience, I know how precious time is and I won’t waste yours. I'm very good at what I do and have had many happy customers along the way,  but I'm no miracle worker!  I can clean the lace, smooth curl or even add more hair to thicken, whatever you're looking for, after a consultation we can begin to look at giving life to your old wigs!

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