"Lets keep this short and stick to the important stuff....

My names Shyanne O'Shea, Im a working queen with a hairdressing career spanning over 20 years (not saying the exact number as a lady needs gives away her true age).  I know what people want, speed and high quality.  I don't bulls***t so if im unable to do something you will be the first to know."

Custom orders

"When it comes to custom orders, you will receive up to date videos and pictures.  A final video and picture will be sent prior to the wig being sent to make sure you're happy with everything."

Restyle orders

"When I first receive your wig for restyle i will be 100% honest about what can and can't be done.  Im very good but im no miracle worker.  I can clean the lace, smooth curl or even add more hair to thicken.  

Shyanne O'shea.jpg